Download the latest Frankensbox fx-800 3D Printer software for Windows:



Unsure which version to use? In Windows Search, type “about your PC”. Look under “Device specifications” to see your System type.


  1. Before installing the above software, it is recommended first to power on the printer and physically connect it to your PC using the included USB cable. Windows will recognize the device and install the appropriate drivers.
  2. Install the Frankensbox software, along with any associated files. If Windows Defender or similar anti-virus programs appear, select “More info” then select “Run anyway”. Also select “Yes” to User Account Control, if needed.
  3. Upon launching the software, select “DF3” as the printer model, if needed.
  4. You should now see the main printing screen, with the printer status indicator at the bottom showing “Connected”.
  5. Now it’s time to load the filament. First, remove the top cover by turning it slightly counter-clockwise. Next, feed a cleanly-cut end of the filament into the printer through the feeding hole at the bottom of the filament tray. Pull about 6 inches of filament through the hole. While holding the filament with your left hand, squeeze the spring on the extruder with your right hand. Now feed the filament straight down into the hole at the top of the extruder. Proceed once you are able to feed an inch or more of filament downward into the white tube.
  6. Close the printer door, and select Settings at the right of the top toolbar. Now select the Change Materials tab and select Feed Material. Select OK to feed material. The printer will now heat up (to appx 220C), and begin to feed filament through the extruder, and down to the nozzle. Click OK when feeding has succeeded. Wait several seconds for cooling, then remove any loose material that was extruded.
  7. Under the Machine Control tab, select Leveling Start. The default distance should be adequate for now. Once auto-leveling is completed (appx 1 minute), click OK.

You should now be ready to open a 3D model file, adjust it for size and position, and begin a new print

For further assistance, please contact: